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OS Short Sleeve
The Hely-Weber™ OS Short Sleeve is my personal favorite strap with exceptional comfort, padding and support. It is designed specifically for Osgood-Schlatter Disease and is appropriate for all ages. The “OS Short” is 3” wide, and has an inverted U-shaped foam pad for protection. The pad also provides gentle positioning pressure on the patellar tendon to decrease the angle where it attaches to the tibial tubercle. This reduces the chance of injury by reducing angular tension. Easier to wrap on the leg than a pullover sleeve. Fastens with double strapped "hook & loop" fasteners and stays in place extremely well, even when "bumped". Measure around the center of the kneecap. Guaranteed! Ships within 24 hours, except weekends and postal holidays.

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Oscon™ 60 ct

The Body Glove™ Deluxe Wrap

Sorbothane® Polymer Heel Pads (2)

Sorbothane® Polymer Heel Cups (2)

Hely-Weber™ Knee Immobilizer