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Hely-Weber™ Knee Immobilizer
The Hely-Weber™ Knee Immobilizer is a professionally designed brace to prevent knee motion in severe cases when so recommended by your physician. It is 16" long and universally sized with fully adjustable straps and movable stays for comfort and a secure, accurate and effective fit. This is truly a bargain price for an orthopedic quality appliance. It is made of a heavy-duty foam and pile laminate that is both durable and washable. The five straps are easy to fasten with their hook & loop design. Ships within 24 hours, excluding weekends and postal holidays. We guarantee that you and your physician or therapist will be completely satisfied with this product, or we will accept a return and refund your full product cost.

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Open Patella Sleeve

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Sorbothane® Polymer Heel Pads (2)

Sorbothane® Polymer Heel Cups (2)