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teenage knee pain
Gary, re feedback, my son has recently completed the monthly Oscon course and I have to say that it appears to have been successful. He is no longer wearing the knee support and has certainly stopped complaining, thanks for your input.
Dave B., Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom,

My first bottle of oscon my 10 year old daughter was taken with little results. But it wasn't until the 30 days were up that I realized that she was not taking them as directed! (She still had about 15 left in the bottle). I then ordered a second bottle and kept a close eye on her schedule of taking the supplement. It worked great. At about day 9 she said her knees were feeling better. On day 15 she had another practice and came home and when I asked her how she felt she smiled and said she hadn't even thought about her knees at practice. Keep in mind that her problem has been ongoing for over a year. My 13 year old son hit a growth spurt at the beginning of basketball season and started having the same problem. I ordered again and have had the same outstanding results with no interruptions in either of their seasons.
Thanks, Curt T., Bluff City, Tennessee,

Thought you would like to hear that after my daughter had taken the first course of tablets her knee was much better, she hardly ever mentioned it. She is still able to carry on with her sports with little pain. The "bump" has gone down but hasn't disappeared. She is still taking one tablet a day. Thank you very much for your help.
D. L., Ipswich, U.K.

I have been wanting to send this to you but I am still in awe of your product! I don’t know if people really believe testimonials but I want to praise and have given praises to your product-My son couldn’t jump. He is a basketball player and his Osgood was hindering him from playing-we ordered only 1 bottle (per your request) he took it and he is better than ever! He may be able to get a sports scholarship and I owe it all to you
Alicia C., Stockton, California,

Hi Gary,
I had asked Jake (my grandson's) doctor if this was okay to take and she gave the go ahead. He has not been complaining as much about the pain so it really seems to be working. He is very conscientious about taking his Oscon 2X a day so it must be working for him as he tends to forget other things that he is supposed to take or do! :) Thanks!
Peggy S., Roseville, Minnesota,

I recently ordered some Oscon tablets and a knee brace for my 15 year old son, who has been in constant pain for over 12-months now. He has been on the Oscon tablets for nearly 2 weeks now and has not had any pain during this time, whilst continuing to be very active in sport. Quite amazing really. The purpose of this email is to pass on our thanks (so far touch wood), and to ask whether or not this treatment needs to continue for any set period of time. We ordered one months supply of tablets initially. I await your reply. Thanks again.
David B., Victoria, Australia,

Subject: Oscon shipment
We noticed improvement very quickly! Our 13 year old plays basketball and was in severe pain. He wears bands under the knees now and with the Oscon, hasn't had any problems at all for the last few weeks! We will continue on the once a day for the next month. We're so happy to have found your product on-line!
Wednesday, November 09, 2005 11:13 AM, Elizabeth C.

Don’t know if you remember me or not…..you sold me a couple of bottles of OSCON and some knee straps for my 12 year old daughter about a year ago. Believe I gave you some initial feedback earlier in the year…..but wanted to follow up again. First: Her knees are GREAT. The second dose put an END to the problems. Second: Her knee straps have helped, but, they’ve almost become a signature item for her. Lots of kids have wanted to know how to get “those cool knee pads.” Sending you a picture of her in action, with her knee strap. Bottom line: Your product made the difference for my kid. Her school basketball season concluded just last night and she helped lead the team to a 14 – 1 record!

Thank you again!
LtCol Chuck O., Yorktown, Virginia,

Hi Gary,
My 12 year old son Jason plays baseball at a very competitive level and was almost unable to play last summer due to the pain in his knee from Osgood-Schlatters. Just wanted to let you know that the Oscon and Knee strap worked very well to relieve the pain in Jason’s knee and allowed him to continue playing baseball. It took 30 days of treatment for him to be able to run pain free. He had no problems for the rest of the summer and even now (5 months later) he continues to be pain free, plays volleyball on the school team and is involved in many other activities. Thank you for your assistance.
Dianne F., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Nelson,
Thank you so much for your quick reply. My 11 year old son took Oscon for his extremely painful Osgood-Schlatter and after 5 or 6 days, he was running normally and playing football again. I will begin giving my daughter Oscon today!!! Her shin splints are severe....they bring her to tears when she runs, cheers, jumps and especially when she lands out of her tumbling passes. I will e-mail you with her results.
Thanks again,
Teena S., Texas,

Hi Gary
My son David (osgood - judo player) has just finished his 2nd month of OSCON - I am personally going to contact every physio in my area and give them your details. He is now "95%" better and competed in his first competition since the beginning of the summer. What an amazing transformation! As he still has some pain when he kneels and "drops" (judo), thought it might be useful to do another month - can't imagine it would do any harm?
Dawn D., United Kingdom,

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