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The Body Glove™ Deluxe Wrap
The Body Glove™ Deluxe Wrap is a patented “one-size-fits-all” ice bag and durable neoprene rubber overwrap for either legs or arms. It works with both heat and cold applications. When using as an ice application we recommend crushed ice, because it gets cold faster and is less “lumpy” than large cubes, especially when water is added. Twenty minutes is the right length of time for use after activity, or to relieve pain and swelling. More convenient than ice packs or hot water bottles that do not stay in place during movement. Guaranteed satisfaction. No measurement required. This is the best item of its type we have yet seen. In stock for rapid shipment, usually within 24 hours, except postal holidays.

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Oscon™ 60 ct

OS Short Sleeve

Complete Osgood-Schlatter Kit


Open Patella Sleeve